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Chrome Nails

For anyone who wants ultra modern nails with unrivalled depth and superb shine, Chrome Nails are for you. Find the best Chrome Nail Designs at We Heart Nails

Dip Powder Nails

Providing hard wearing finishes, Dip Powders are simple to apply and available in stunning colors and special effects. Read more about DIP Power nails here

Holographic Nails

Holographic Nails are the high tech of the manicure world, offering an impressive iridescent sheen that elicits admiration everywhere. More info about holographic nails can be found here.

Nail Stamping Kits

With the ability to produce highly detailed, fine-lined designs, Nail Stamping Kits are surprisingly simple to use and it’s great fun creating unique nail art. Take a look into the best stamping kits on the market.

Sequin Nails

Forever glamorous, Sequin Nails are the epitome of elegance, and bring a shimmering mermaid finish to your nails. Have a peek at the highest-quality nail sequins of the year.

White Acrylic Nails

Unusual and with a neatly crisp appearance, White Acrylic Nails are intriguingly ambiguous. If you like to give the illusion of mystery, these are a great choice. Be chic with the best white acrylic nails of the season.

Clear Acrylics

The manicurist’s secret hack, Clear Acrylics offer the chance to have gloriously long or shaped nails, with no one knowing they aren’t natural. Be your own stylist and create the best clear acrylics in town!

Diamond Nails

Diamond nails will definitely be your best friends. Gorgeously glamorous and stunningly sparkly, you’ll adore the effects that can be achieved. Stay on fleek with the best diamond nail kits!

Lee Nails

Lee Nails were awesome when they first came out, and they still are today. Lee press-on nails are just the thing for a speedy convenient manicure before a big event. Have the coolest retro look with the top-rated lee nails!

Nail Stickers

With thousands upon thousands of designs available, Nail Stickers allow you to decorate your nails with any pattern you like. They’re simple to use and very effective. Glam up your manicure with the most popular nail stickers!

SNS Nail Kits

Signature Nail Systems are a powder-based nail art process. Producing hard wearing, durable and vibrant finishes, these kits make a simple-to-do manicure, even easier. Get the ultimate manicure with SNS nail kits!

Watercolor Ink and Tools for Marbled Nails

Delicate, unusual and bang on trend, Watercolor Inks and Marbled effects allow you to create uniquely individual smoke-like patterns across your nails. Create the perfect marble effect with the top 3 watercolor ink and tools for marbled nails!

Color Changing Polish

Remember those mood rings we all used to wear? This remarkable polish does the same, changing color depending on temperature changes, creating a uniquely personal finish. Change is good so take a look at the best color changing polishes!

Glitter Acrylic Nails

Sparkly, dazzling and eye catching, nails with glitter effects are so simple to achieve and the height of fashion. Shine bring with the top glitter acrylic nail kit!

Matte Nails

Providing an air of the mysterious, Matte polish moves away from the traditional gloss and into the shadowy world of anti-gloss. With a final result verging on a velvet soft appearance, Matte Nails are deceptively durable. Catch some eyes with these irresistible matte nail polishes!

Ombre Nails

Graduating color, either vertically or, more unusually, horizontally, fades from deep and rich to pale and subtle across your nail bed for a sophisticated look. Get your share of gradience with the best ombre nail polishes!

Square Acrylics

Sharply defined, Square Acrylic nails suit most finger types, from long and slender, to shorter and thicker. Providing a decently sized nail bed that’s just perfect for art, Square Acrylics are increasingly popular. Check out the most stunning square acrylic nails!

Crackle Nails

Producing an effect reminiscent of those shattered glazes you often find on old ceramics, Crackle Nails are stunningly dramatic, and very unusual. Find the best crackle nail polishes of the year.

Glow in the Dark Acrylic Nail Kits

Light up any occasion with Glow in the Dark luminous nails. Charge them under electric light or natural sunlight and glow all night! Take a look into this season’s glow in the dark acrylic nail kits!

Nail Decorations

From 3D art, diamonds and gemstones to stickers, sequins, and even tiny dried flowers, Nail Decorations are everywhere, but each design is unique to the individual wearing it. Go on, be different! Create a perfect look with the best nail decorations & stickers!

Rhinestone Nails

Unbelievably shiny, each Rhinestone facet sparkles in a different hue, iridescently throwing out beams of rainbow-colored prisms, bouncing off each other. Rhinestones are the ultimate in 3D nail art. Go wild with the best nail art rhinestones for rhinestone nails!

Toe Rings

From cute and girly to glamorous and sophisticated, Toe Rings are comfortable to wear, fun and very pretty. Show off your toes with the most popular toe rings!