Dip Powder Nails

Providing hard wearing finishes, Dip Powders are simple to apply and available in stunning colors and special effects. 

White Acrylic Nails

Unusual and with a neatly crisp appearance, White Acrylic Nails are intriguingly ambiguous. If you like to give the illusion of mystery, these are a great choice. Be chic with the best white acrylic nails of the season.

Clear Acrylics

The manicurist’s secret hack, Clear Acrylics offer the chance to have gloriously long or shaped nails, with no one knowing they aren’t natural. Be your own stylist and create the best clear acrylics in town!

Lee Nails

Lee Nails were awesome when they first came out, and they still are today. Lee press-on nails are just the thing for a speedy convenient manicure before a big event. Have the coolest retro look with top-rated lee nails!

Square Acrylics

Sharply defined, Square Acrylic nails suit most finger types, from long and slender, to shorter and thicker. Providing a decently sized nail bed that’s just perfect for art, Square Acrylics are increasingly popular. Check out the most stunning square acrylic nails!

SNS Nail Kits

Signature Nail Systems are a powder-based nail art process. Producing hard wearing, durable and vibrant finishes, these kits make a simple-to-do manicure, even easier. Get the ultimate manicure with SNS nail kits!