Nail Polish

Color Changing Polish Remember those mood rings we all used to wear? This remarkable polish does the same, changing color depending on temperature changes, creating a uniquely personal finish. Change is good so get yourself some great color changing polishes! Glitter Acrylic Nails Sparkly, dazzling and eye catching, nails with glitter effects are so simple …

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Dip Powder Nails Providing hard wearing finishes, Dip Powders are simple to apply and available in stunning colors and special effects. Read more about DIP Power nails here White Acrylic Nails Unusual and with a neatly crisp appearance, White Acrylic Nails are intriguingly ambiguous. If you like to give the illusion of mystery, these are …

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Nail Art

Holographic Nails Holographic Nails are the high tech of the manicure world, offering an impressive iridescent sheen that elicits admiration everywhere. They add a touch of glamor to every outfit. Nail Stamping Kits With the ability to produce highly detailed, fine-lined designs, Nail Stamping Kits are surprisingly simple to use and it’s great fun creating …

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