Nail Art

Holographic Nails

Holographic Nails are the high tech of the manicure world, offering an impressive iridescent sheen that elicits admiration everywhere. They add a touch of glamor to every outfit.

Nail Stamping Kits

With the ability to produce highly detailed, fine-lined designs, Nail Stamping Kits are surprisingly simple to use and it’s great fun creating unique nail art. There are some great stamping kits out there with designs for every occasion.

Chrome Nails

For anyone who wants ultra modern nails with unrivaled depth and superb shine, Chrome Nails are for you. 

Sequin Nails

Forever glamorous, Sequin Nails are the epitome of elegance, and bring a shimmering mermaid finish to your nails. Have a peek at the highest-quality nail sequins of the year.

Nail Stickers

With thousands upon thousands of designs available, Nail Stickers allow you to decorate your nails with any pattern you like. They’re simple to use and very effective. Glam up your manicure with some great nail stickers!

Diamond Nails

Diamond nails will definitely be your best friends. Gorgeously glamorous and stunningly sparkly, you’ll adore the effects that can be achieved. Stay on fleek with gorgeous diamond nail kits!

Watercolor Ink and Tools for Marbled Nails

Delicate, unusual and bang on trend, Watercolor Inks and Marbled effects allow you to create uniquely individual smoke-like patterns across your nails. Create the perfect marble effect with watercolor ink and tools for marbled nails!

Glow in the Dark Acrylic Nail Kits

Light up any occasion with Glow in the Dark luminous nails. Charge them under electric light or natural sunlight and glow all night! Take a look into this season’s glow in the dark acrylic nail kits!

Nail Decorations

From 3D art, diamonds and gemstones to stickers, sequins, and even tiny dried flowers, Nail Decorations are everywhere, but each design is unique to the individual wearing it. Go on, be different! Create the perfect look with the best nail decorations & stickers!

Rhinestone Nails

Unbelievably shiny, each Rhinestone facet sparkles in a different hue, iridescently throwing out beams of rainbow-colored prisms, bouncing off each other. Rhinestones are the ultimate in 3D nail art. Go wild with the best nail art rhinestones for rhinestone nails!